Engineering Consulting Services

TDS has over 20 years of experience providing engineering and technology solutions to high-tech companies.

ASIC and FPGA Design

Technology Development Services has a particular expertise in the design and development of FPGA and ASIC hardware projects.

  • Architecture Design and Simulation
  • Gate Array, Standard Cell, Semi-Custom
  • FPGA: Xilinx, Actel, Altera
  • Full Digital and Mixed-Signal Simulation

Programming and Software Development

TDS Provides a variety of embedded programming solutions, along with application development services.

Software Development and Programming:

  • Realtime embedded systems
  • C++, Visual C++, Assembly Language
  • Device Drivers: VxD, Windows, DOS
  • Interrupt Driven Performance Critical Software
  • Object Oriented Programming and Design

Application Development:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • UNIX, Linux, VxWorks, Realtime OS
  • Embedded Systems, DOS Internals

Partial Client List

  • Thomson Multimedia
  • Broadcast Television Systems
  • Cirque Corporation
  • 3-Com / US Robotics
  • World Wireless Communication
  • American Microsystems Inc. (AMI)
  • Phillips Broadcast Solutions
  • Evans & Sutherland
  • Dayna Communications (Intel)
  • OEC Medical Systems (GE Medical Systems)
  • The Parvus Corporation
  • Axonix Corporation

Partial Projects List

Multichannel Video Server - Hardware and low-level software on a digital video server supporting multiple channels of video, audio and time-code information. Hardware included Xilinx and Altera FPGA designs and high-speed processor interaction. Software included real-time, interrupt driven performance critical C++ and assembly language.

32 bit Pipelined Multiplier Accumulator ASIC - This project required the reverse engineering of an obsolete Sharp chip and designing and simulating the replacement. Schematics and VHDL modules were used and full test coverage was added. Validating the design included creating a full software emulation of the chip in C along with test vector generation algorithms.

GlidePoint TrackPad - A touch sensitive pointing device that detects and tracts finger movement through a custom mixed-signal ASIC. Onboard microcontroller provides Microsoft mouse compatibility, signal processing, filtering etc. GlidePoint was voted to be one of the "Best Products of 1994" by PC Magazine. Included Multiple FPGA based prototypes.

Since GlidePoint was introduced, subsequent versions have included a custom general purpose microcontroller with custom assembler. Using this microcontroller the system has been integrated into a single ASIC solution. Support has included PC based utilities for debug and test and a functional test with an artificial finger.

Spread Spectrum Generator and Tracker ASIC - TDS joined this project as it had outstripped existing designer experience and resources. Changes for a second generation were implemented in VHDL, validated and the entire design was simulated and debugged. Major improvements were made in clocking and asynchronous design signal handling to meet ASIC requirements.

Digital Video/Audio Switch - Signal router for professional quality video and AES audio used in the broadcast television industry. Included Altera based FPGA design with JTAG interface.

For a complete list of our past projects, take a look at this PDF file

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