About TDS Corp.

TDS was founded in 1991 with the stated objective of providing engineering services to our customers. These services include ASIC and FPGA hardware development, real-time and embedded software programming, information technology consulting services and development project outsourcing.

It's TDS's objective to develop and maintain a high level of expertise in these technology areas for the purpose of improving the competitive standing of our customers. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, TDS maintains a highly competent technical staff with a proven track record of solving difficult technical problems within tight schedule and budgetary constraints.

Company Principals

Michael Layton

Michael Layton has 15 years experience in ASIC, FPGA, firmware and software solutions including 5 years with TDS and 7 years with Cirque Corporation.

He has a B.S.C.S. from the University of Utah, 1988. He has extensive experience with C and several assembly languages; digital design using schematics, VHDL, and other HDLs, and PC, microcontroller, ASIC FPGA and mixed signal solutions.

"The most enjoyable thing about engineering is creating something from nothing. A product definition is really a problem to be solved. Creating a design to solve that problem, or fixing a design that is currently not able to do the job is a wonderful experience. How you go about implementing it, hardware or software, what language, is a detail. The important thing is to create a quality solution that meets customer needs. Working through TDS gives me the opportunity to do this again and again."

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